There are many different hair loss products on the market today. But determining which hair loss product actually works is sometimes hard to do. A hair loss product with a phenomenal reputation may be your best bet in regard to growing your hair back at some point. So in this article, we will discuss some leading over-the-counter hair loss products that you can use starting today.
Rogaine: One of the Best Known Hair Loss Products in the Market

One of the most well known hair loss products today is Rogaine, a product that can help both men and women fight hair loss. The reason that Rogaine is able to provide some results is that an ingredient, minoxidil, is added to the solution.

It is possible to try Rogaine without a prescription in the United States. This is a product that can help with hereditary hair loss, though it usually takes a few months before it starts working.

When used twice a day, specifically the Men Hair Regrowth Treatment from Rogaine, positive changes may occur. Women actually regrow their hair when using Women’s Rogaine as recommended. If you do suffer from hereditary hair loss, Rogaine might be your ticket to regrowing your hair.
Profollica: a Complete Hair Loss Treatment System

Profollica is a hair loss treatment that blocks the production of DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss. When you use this hair loss product, you will actually be using a supplement, gel and shampoo.

The shampoo contains a medication that removes DHT from the scalp, which will reduce future hair loss, and the gel contains a clinically tested ingredient called Trichogen that stimulates new hair growth.

The directions specify that you need to use all three parts of the system every day to get the best results. This seems to be a complete strategy for attacking the problem, so it is best for you to test it out and see how you like it.

Perfect Hair Shampoo: A Unique Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

There are quite a few shampoos that claim to be able to help reverse hair loss, but the Perfect Hair Shampoo is one that has a wide range of effective ingredients that makes this possible.

As most know, the DHT needs to be dealt with and levels brought down to help stop hair loss, and that is what this shampoo tackles. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells which block the growth of follicles on the scalp.

This shampoo also has a variety of natural ingredients such as niacin, saw palmetto, emu oil and biotin that are extremely beneficial to the hair and promote growth. The Perfect Hair Shampoo is clearly one of the effective hair loss products that can help keep your hair healthy.

There you have it, just three of the leading hair loss products that you can use starting today. Needless to say, there are many more good hair loss products out there. With just a little bit of additional research, you will find many more. But regardless of which hair loss product you choose, consulting with a physician or dermatologist is always recommended before utilizing a hair loss. He or she will be able to tell you why you are losing your hair.

Aside from hereditary hair loss, some diseases and medications can cause hair loss. Thyroid illnesses can cause your hair to fall, which is actually a medical issue. A variety of prescription medications like cystic acne medications, beta blockers and antidepressants can actually cause hair loss. And women who have just delivered a baby can lose their hair as well. Thus it’s always a good idea to work with your doctor or a dermatologist to rule out such factors before trying hair loss products. And ultimately this will greatly help you choose just the right hair loss product for you.