Need a hair loss treatment product that works? There were several that can actually work, but more that will waste your money and time. You have to look past the hype and find out which hair loss products have real research behind them. Whichever hair loss treatment product you end up purchasing should address your specific type of hair loss for it to work properly. The following hair loss products have a track record of helping people regrow hair.

Recommended Hair Loss Treatment Product #1: Rogaine

Rogaine is a hair loss treatment product that is known to treat hair loss for some people. The reason that Rogaine is able to provide some results is that an ingredient, minoxidil, is added to the solution. In the United States, Rogaine does not require a prescription.

Results from Rogaine typically take 60 days, and is usually effective with hereditary hair loss. Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment helps about 85% of men grow back their hair when used twice daily. Anyone female using Women’s Rogaine will see some results over time. Rogaine is most effective with individuals suffering from hereditary hair loss.

As it takes at least 2 months before you can see meaningful results with Rogaine — and you will have to continue using Rogaine for as long as you want to stop hair loss — it’s best to buy it in several months supply packs, like 3, 4 or 6 months supply to save on cost. Even buying a 12 month supply pack would make sense if you experience good results with Rogaine. You can find a nice 3-month supply value pack on Amazon here (men’s) and here (women’s).

Recommended Hair Loss Treatment Product #2: Revivogen

Many people can benefit from Revivogen, an all-natural hair loss treatment product which can help hair loss to some degree. Since this product has all natural ingredients, you can use it without fear of side effects occurring. A three-part process (thickening conditioner, shampoo and scalp therapy) is involved with using Revivogen. It has a unique blend of ingredients, which ensures that every part of your scalp and hair is treated properly.

Similar to the results you would receive when using a prescription from the doctor, this gentle safe remedy for hair loss, Revivogen, is an excellent alternative. You can help yourself regrow your hair naturally, even if you have hereditary hair loss, using this all-natural solution, that is designed for both men and women. Yes, You can. If you’re interested in trying Revivogen, check out this Revivogen Shampoo and Conditioner value pack on Amazon.

Recommended Hair Loss Treatment Product #3:  Biotin + Vitamin E, Silica and Other Nutrients

If you are unsure if you are getting the right kinds of nutrients, then that needs to be looked at. Obviously, your hair has nutrients that are unique to it, and you have to be sure you are getting them. Biotin is one of the most beneficial vitamins for your hair, which is why you’ll find it in many shampoos. All good vitamin and mineral supplements contain biotin, as well, and you really need to be sure you are taking one every day.

One other crucial supplement is vitamin E because it helps your circulation, and that is very helpful for many things including your hair health. If you take silica supplements, then you will do your hair a big favor – but a hair formula will also contain it.

To get started in taking hair loss supplements, you may want to check the Biotin supplement featured above. Manufactured by Natrol, each tablet contains 10,000 mcg of biotin (maximum strength). It’s one, if not the most popular, biotin hair loss supplement we’ve found on Amazon.  And at only $12.75 for a twin pack (total of 200 tablets; 1 tablet per serving) this supplement is definitely easy on the budget. (Note: It doesn’t contain vitamin E, though, so you’ll need to take it separately.  Check out Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength on Amazon here.


Once you truly see that you are experiencing hair loss, then you may become motivated to seriously search for solutions. Keep in mind that even the most effective hair loss treatment product take some time to work, so you have to be a little patient. It may also be necessary to experiment with a few different products, so if you’ve used one for a couple of months with no results, it may be time to try a different one.