Up to a few years ago it was considered taboo for a woman to discuss her hair loss with anyone other than her physcian and even then it was frowned upon. However, now that it’s out that women have this issue too more and more coping methods have evolved. In fact, options for dealing with women’s hair loss are now more prevalent than those available for men! Just read on to find out more.

Rogaine for Women’s Hair Loss

Most people have heard of the men’s hair loss treatment called Rogaine. Were you aware that a version of Rogaine for women’s hair loss is also available? Yes, that’s true. It works the same way that men’s Rogaine works and, according to a few studies, it has a better success rate in regrowing women’s hair than it does with men.  Rogaine for Women stimulates the follicles to regrow hair when applied topically to your head. Just like Rogaine for Men, the main active ingredient in Rogaine for Women is minoxidil, although at lower solution (2% solution compared to 3% and 5% solutions for men).

Learn more about Rogaine for Women here.


Often times, Propecia (generic name: finasteride) is given to men who want to wrangle their hair loss. Propecia is one of two FDA approved medications for men (Rogaine is the other) who want to regrow hair. Although the FDA has not blessed it for use in women, it doesn’t mean you are outlawed from using it. Moreover, experimentations have proclaimed some success from this drug in treating women’s hair loss. The side effects of the drug that men find so displeasing (specifically markedly the decrease in libido) do not also seem to happen for women. Note: a doctor’s prescription is required to buy Propecia, so you may need to consult your doctor if you want to try Propecia in treating your hair loss.


The best way to deal with your hair loss is to accept that this is something that is happening to you. It is perfectly OK to look for some remedies for women’s hair loss. But no matter what you do, it’s essential that you can reach a certain degree of acceptance about it at an inner level.  Being able to face your situation with equanimity gives you the strength to make the best decision on how to deal women’s hair loss.

Shave Your Head

If you really want to shock the people in your life, shave your head! When men notice that their hair is thinning out, they often just shave it off. Men do this all the time, so why can’t you? Completely bald women is something that is becoming increasingly accepted by society. You only have to avoid getting sunburn on your scalp and keep it warm enough in winter. On the plus side, your showers will become much simpler. All the money you spent on hair care products can now be saved. One thing you should be prepared for is having an itchy scalp as your hair grows back. One thing you shouldn’t do is scratch too much, as this can cause nasty scabs to form on your scalp!

There are now many options available to help you cope with women’s hair loss. We women can accessorize to cope. You can ask your doctor for medication that will help you grow your hair back. Your choices are never ending. Just make sure that the method you choose to deal with female hair loss is safe and won’t do you more harm than good. It won’t take any time at all for you to develop that new look.