There are many products that claim to be able to help you fight hair loss; however, searching for the right one is problematic at times. Typically, you have to rely upon the testimonials related to the product and the scientific research that backs them up. Rest assured, though, that there are some viable products that have helped many people fight hair loss and regrow their hair. The following article will focus upon hair loss products that are certainly worth trying, and may be able to help you stop hair loss and improve the hair-count on your head.

But before we dig in, take note that when looking for a hair loss product to fight hair loss you should first determine why you’re experiencing hair loss. You might be losing your hair due to a new medication or perhaps the stress level in your life has gone up.

Provillus : A Two-Pronged Approach to Fight Hair Loss

Provillus is a hair loss treatment that combines a Minoxidil topical treatment for the scalp with an oral supplement to fight hair loss. This is intended for those who suffer from pattern baldness, and it can be used by men or women with the correct formula. Minoxidil is a drug that protects healthy hair follicles from DHT, the substance that’s been proven to promote hair loss in many people. The pill that is included in the treatment will keep the DHT to lower levels in your body. The reason Provillus is used by so many is because this problem is about hair loss that is due to genetics.

NuHair Extra-Strength Thinning Hair Serum: For Better Hair Texture and Volume

NuHair Extra-Strength Thinning Hair Serum for Men and Women is a product that improves texture and fullness of your hair. Many hair loss products contain some vitamins and minerals you will recognize, and this product contains them. This product is fairly standard in the way that it has typical hair vitamins plus a few others for good measure. NuHair Thinning Hair Serum contains herbs that many will have heard of, and it also makes use of Chinese herbs meant to fight hair loss. So just remember that you do need to give your hair as much nutritional support as you can in a practical manner.

Revita High Performance Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo: To Stimulate Hair Growth

Revita High Performance Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo by D.S. Laboratories – this has been shown to stimulate hair growth in many people. It is very necessary for you to stay away from shampoos that increase hair loss if at all possible. You can lose much more hair, and irritate your scalp, when you use commercial shampoos that include sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate as part of their base ingredients. Natural ingredients are so important for your hair. Ingredients like ketoconazole, MSM, emu oil, and many others can be found in a shampoo like Revita. This is a shampoo you can use daily to help stimulate hair growth and fight hair loss.

There you have, three hair loss products with proven track record in helping hair loss sufferers fight hair loss. Just a reminder, though: hair loss products, regardless of their origin, do not work 100% of the time. None of them do! Even products that offer you an unconditional guarantee can only offer to refund your money if they don’t work.

However, if you have not had great results in fighting hair loss with these products, there are a few things you can do. Even though most women will not use this option, men can go for surgery which is expensive, but typically provides results. You may see some people shaving their heads, or perhaps wearing a wig or toupee, to take care of this when nothing else works. If hair loss products don’t work for you, these options may not be ideal, but they are alternatives that you can choose to pursue.