Hair loss is one of the conditions that affect millions of people and most are looking for anything that will help their condition. While losing your hair isn’t physically painful or dangerous to your health, most of us are very attached to our hair. The following natural remedies for hair loss may be of help if you’d like to make sure you keep those thick locks of yours for a long time.

Rootabega – One of the Little Known Folk Remedies for Hair Loss

When it comes to folk remedies for hair loss, you’ll find them everywhere in the world. Some of these are better known than others. Rootabega, for instance, is a folk remedy from Europe that not a lot of people have heard of. This root vegetable is a result of combining turnip and cabbage. Vitamin C and B vitamins can be found in this nutritious root vegetable. To use rootabega as a hair loss remedy, make a paste out of it and apply on the scalp. Let it sit there for 20 to 30 minutes. Though a bit messy to apply, this folk remedy may just be the natural hair loss treatment you’ve been looking for. Not just natural but safe too.

Onions – Another Little Known But Promising Hair Loss Remedy

Did you know that you can cheaply and effectively treat hair loss using onions? To use this simple hair loss remedy, just rub some onion juice on those places on your head with thinning hair. This remedy has shown promise in clinical studies. This herbal remedy appears to effectively treat alopecia areata, a specific type of hair loss that causes uneven bald spots. It has not been proven effective against the more common problem of pattern baldness. However, if you have pattern baldness, there is really no danger in using onions to see if it will work.

Sea Vegetables – Loaded with Hair Nourishing Nutrients

Sea vegetables are packed full of nutrients. Not only that, they promote healthy hair as well. Seaweed contains many important minerals, as well as essential fatty acids. Many types of seaweed are likewise high in antioxidants. Nori, used in a lot of Japanese dishes, has a high protein content. Protein is an important nutrient that helps with healthy hair growth. Sea vegetables including chlorella, blue green algae, and spirulina are also loaded with various nutrients that can help with hair loss. Moreover, you’ll find a number of types of seaweed in some hair care products.

Indeed, there are many natural remedies for hair loss that it would take a thick book to list them all. We’ve shared only a small sample of natural hair loss remedies. Hopefully, though, this short list would help you get started on your search for other natural remedies for hair loss.

Lastly, if you want to reverse hair loss, you should look at your diet and lifestyle and do everything you can to keep your body healthy. If you do this, you’ll be able to get optimum results from using natural remedies for hair loss.