Month: June 2016

The Truth about Male Pattern Baldness: Separating Facts from Fiction

Men and hair loss seems always to have been a losing combination. Although male pattern baldness is very common — two out of three men will experience it — and is hardly ever associated with serious health risks, it’s hard to imagine a common condition that is met with more anxiety. But much of the stigma surrounding male pattern baldness is due to half-truths and exaggerations. So if you start noticing there’s not as much hair up there, don’t pull out the rest of it in worry. Take our quiz below and learn what’s going on with your body...

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Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle: The 3 Phases of Hair Growth And Information about Hair Follicles

On average, people lose about 10% of their hair during a resting phase. Then after about three months, resting hair falls out and new hair begins to grow. The phase of new growing hair typically lasts anywhere from two to six years with hair growing about one-half to one-inch per month. The interesting thing is that as much as 90% of hair on your head is growing at any given time. At any Stage of our life, only 10% of hair is in resting phase. They Fall off in 2-3 months and the new hair grows in a total...

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Female Hair Loss: Causes and Some Solutions

Female hair loss is not the same as male hair loss determined by heredity. In most cases, hair loss in women is temporary and is seldom an advance warning of baldness. Transient loss of hair should not, however, be ignored. It is possible for a woman to suffer from hormonal hair loss leading to baldness. Female Hair Loss Causes Some of the most common causes of female hair loss are: 1. Low Thyroid Function 2. Pregnancy 2. Severe Emotional Stress 3. Under Medical Treatment 4. Hormonal Hair Loss Is there a relationship between hair loss and menopause? The most...

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Hair Loss in Women: Causes And Tips for Stopping It

Shedding hair is a normal process. In fact, on a normal day, you would lose about 100 hairs and on average, people lose about 10% of their hair during a resting phase. Now, hair loss is usually associated with men but women can also go through hair loss. Hair loss in women could be caused by a number of things. And that’s what we’re going to look at in this short article about “Hair Loss in Women: Causes and Tips for Stopping It.” Hair Loss in Women: Causes There are various factors that cause hair loss in women. For...

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Medical Conditions that Cause Hair Loss In Women

Is your hair thinning and falling out? Do you notice more strands of hair in your hair brush. How about more hair in the tub or shower drain after every shower? If so, you may be suffering from hair loss in women. Hair loss in women can be caused by a variety of reasons. This includes excessive stress, changes in your bodily hormones (as in during pregnancy), nutritional deficiencies, and certain medical conditions like immuno-deficiency. It therefore pays to know what the causes are so that you can put some prevention tactics into action and avoid going bald. Most Common Medical Causes...

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